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Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, I spent my childhood causing general artistic havoc around the house until my art eventually evolved to paper and the occasional canvas. It was just around this time, however, that my father brought home a computer from work. This computer and a couple of pre-bundled applications would form the basis of who I am today. The computer was a Mac Classic, and the programs were MacPaint and Hypercard. Back then you would find me in the basement drawing in MacPaint and copying the artwork over into my next Hypercard project. Whether it was some sort of address book or a clone of CrystalQuest, art and programing were my two passions and this has never changed.

I now spend my time hanging out with my wife and daughter and secretly using them as usability testers on my various personal projects. As time has passed and technology has changed, I've become proficient in JavaScript, Canvas, CSS, HTML, PHP, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Touch Interfaces, ActionScript and Lingo as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Strata 3d, Final Cut Pro and Motion.

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